2014 Road Angel Gem Deluxe+ & Road Angel Gem+
The next generation of road safety product

Road Angel Gem Deluxe+ ( New 2014 Model) | Road Angel Gem + ( New 2014 Model)

The UK’s most advanced camera locator now comes with brand new alerts and features! ROAD ANGEL Gem+ is the new and improved speed management device from Road Angel. In addition to the most accurate warnings of approaching safety cameras, new soft-touch design, up to date road speeds, and improved user interface.

The new Gem+ unit incorporates a new, soft touch, rubberised case design. The Gem+ contains screen enhancements, new brightness controls, voice alert OFF setting, Auto day/night setting, alert mute setting, improved audio and additional volume control settings.

Please call 01159 599 995 for further information please go to Road Angel UK.

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